LightBase Web (LBW) is a client-server and Web Based, full-text retrieval, multimedia Information System builder and manager.

Build applications with all the operations of data entry, searches, navigation and highlight of found words, and use them in an Intranet or Internet with any browser (like the Microsoft Intenet Explorer or the Mozilla Firefox).

Developing applications in LightBase Web is a very simple task. Just edit the LBSP files (our extension of HTML) with any HTML editor Then add special tags to indicate how and where the information will be presented. The syntax of these tags is pretty close to the one used in ASP or in templates files used by the Microsoft Index Server.

It is possible also, besides HTML, to match any technology of the Web world (JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, Applet, ASP, objects WITH, XML, XSL) with the LightBase Web to develop more complex applications with validations, animations, frames etc.

LightBase Web Wizard

Use LightBase Web Wizard to increase productivity in Web applications development.

The LightBase Web Wizard is a Web apllication assistant for LightBase. It is a productivity tool that will help you to quickly develop solutions without any need of programming. You just define some attributes and the Wizard will generate all the files necessary for your application deployment.

LightBase & Wap

Build solutions with full-text retrieval for mobile devices.

WAP is a series of specifications that allows you to develop Web applications for mobile devices (cellular, palms, etc.), objectifying to facilitate the life of people whom need to be connected in the Internet in any time and place.
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