Enjoy the power of a post-relational database with full-text retrieval: easiness of analysis, development and use.

The Lightbase database server allows competing and shared access to bases by users. It supports both applications with small volume of data or critical applications with massive amounts of information.

LightBase data's model incorporates, besides the known types of traditional data, features of multimedia (formatted text, image and sound), and fields of Microsoft Word documents and HTML pages.

You can shape the information in LightBase using the feature of the multivalued groups. Such concept simplifies your applications' processes of analysis and development.

Full-text Retrieval

Another great differential of this technology is the text recovery. Different from traditional databases, the information retrieval can be made by any field of the database.

It has a powerful language that allows researching all the fields or a specific field. It is possible to look for a closer word, relevancy in the same phrase or the same paragraph, and much more. Moreover, you can use the visual, friendly and intuitive feature of researching by filling out a form.


LightBase has a sophisticated mechanism of access control list. It is possible to define for each user the permissions of reading, modification, creation and removal of bases, tables, fields, forms, and reports.
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