LightBase (LBW) besides full text-retrieval facilities, includes multimedia (sound and images), Rapid Application Development (RAD), "programming by form designing" and Internet access facilities.

Developers of LBW applications need little or no knowledge of programming. However, professional programmers will feel very comfortable using its functionality and can achieve a quantum leap in productivity. LBW is a unique combination of the following features:

- A RAD tool for quickly building text-based applications

- A tridimensional database system

- Facility to add multimedia components to the application

- A full-text retrieval engine that treats plain text and structure information the same way

- A fast algorithm for information retrieval

- A sophisticated security scheme to protect applications

- Internet and Intranet access to LBW databases through standard http browsers, COM modules, and a ready to use powerful, native client

- A three-tiered information organization model that limits software updates to the server (instead of the many individual clients) whenever business rules are altered

- Development of Visual Basic or Delphi solutions with Full Text Retrieval through the use of Microsoft COM technology

- Indexing of Microsoft Office files, HTML pages, RTF and PDF files.

Deployment platforms

LBW is available for Windows and Windows NT platforms.

Product Versions

LBW is marketed in four different versions:

- Single-user version PC Edition: This version works on a single PC computer under Windows or Windows NT. No sharing or concurrency controls are included in this product

- LightBase Client/Server: In this version the database engine runs separately from the client applications. The clients may run under Windows or Windows NT. The server runs only in a full 32-bit environment (Windows NT). This version of LBW may thus be used as the basis for deploying information systems on Intranets or on the Internet

- LightBase Web: module which allows LBW databases to be accessed through a normal WWW browser

- LightBase CD: databases may be accessed in a read-only manner, thus allowing them to be loaded and distributed on a CD-ROM.

LBW incorporates state-of-the-art technologies: client/server architecture, a three-tiered model, full-text retrieval, COM modules, and Internet/Web access.

The Internet (and related technologies such as Intranets) has enhanced the importance of textbased information for individuals and corporations alike. Any software product that handles text efficiently will be in increasing demand. LBW is an outstanding and unique example of such a product.
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