GoldenDoc supplies a set of frameworks with open technology for the implementation of solutions for the management of information focusing in the capture, adjustments, distributions and organization of contents to support the company's operational processes. This information may be structured or not, originated from Image systems, COLD, Documents Management, legacy systems, data banks, files in directories and any other digital file such as sound and video.

Main Features

- Organization: All the documents are organized following a theme structure, enabling users to move more quickly through the system, finding what they need much faster.

- Information Integration: GoldenDoc can handle a variety files formats, from a simple text file to multimedia contents; the documents are filed in a single repository, and are accessible trough web browser interfaces.

- Retrieval: GoldenDoc has a powerful full-text retrieval engine and also allows the search by navigating the directory structure (both techniques can be combined for a faster and easier information retrieval).
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