Established in 1983, Light Infocon Tecnologia S/A quickly became a leader in software development and marketing for Unix in Brazil.

Earlier products included a word processor (InfoWord) which set a standard for Unix platforms in Brazil and which was also sold abroad (Canada, Italy and USA), a data-entry language/environment (LTDhs) selected as a standard for the Brazilian government data processing shops and major banks in the country, and SpoolView a print spooling system for Unix and TCP/IP networks. The SCO World Magazine bestowed its prestigious "Top of The World" award on SpoolView in its April 1997 issue.

By using marketing & sales channels of strategic partners (major Unix hardware manufacturers such as DEC, HP and IBM), Light Infocon managed to dominate the target-markets of its products in Brazil. Each of the above mentioned products had a Brazilian market share of over 70%.

Starting in 1994, Light Infocon began to focus on developing full text retrieval tools and related products. The result of these efforts is LightBase Web (LBW), a package for quickly developing applications that need to accommodate Full-Text Retrieval (FTR) facilities with multimedia characteristics such as sound, images, and video simultaneously. LightBase Technology has received the Brazilian Association of Software Companies' Productivity Award and PC World EspaƱa's Editor's Choice Award.

Today, Light Infocon is concentrating on developing and marketing LBW. Our sophisticated development techniques and experience producing and marketing "off-the-shelf" software packages provide the foundation for creative leadership in our industry.
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